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  • Anna-Stina Karlsson & Rolf Karlsson
    2014. 06. 18. 12:23
    We had a pleasant visit at this hotel. Good service and nice rooms! Thank you!
    Anna-Stina & Rolf Karlsson
    Inger & Kjoll Ramström
  • Dr. Alban
    2014. 06. 18. 12:18
    Dr Alban was here 20/8/2012-21/8/2012.
    Nice place. Had good time.
  • U., G., B., T., S., To.
    2014. 06. 18. 12:15
    Greetings from Halle A.D. Saale!
    Lovely cleanwomen, nice building. Breakfast could be more different. (Where are the Hungarian melones?).
    Gyula - What a wonderful city!!! Thermal water - we loved it!!!
    ... and the Hungarian ice cream - we will missed you!

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