All types of massage are designed to support and maintain the smooth functioning of the body.

Benefits of massage:

• Increased blood and lymphatic circulation

• Cellular metabolism improves

• Detoxification

• The skin becomes firmer and stronger and more flexible

• It is easier to remove cellulite and overweight

• Relaxing and refreshing effect on tissues and muscles

• When it is applied, the body is completely relaxed and the "wrinkles" of the soul are guaranteed to be smoothed out, too.



Swedish massage and technique stimulates tissues with the help of special massage with oil by effectively improving blood circulation, enhances oxygen intake of tissues and muscle elasticity as well as refreshing the whole body.

PARTIAL MASSAGE 40 minutes: 11.900,- HUF


You can choose from following products/oils: grape oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter.


A faster, stronger massage with cream or especially regenerative oil to help regenerate tired muscles to loosen up.

"NATUR": Olive oil or grape seed oil

40 minutes: 11.900,- HUF

60 minutes: 13.900,- HUF

"REVIGORATING HORSE KICK": Olive oil + mint balm:

40 minutes: 11.900,- HUF

60 minutes: 13.900,- HUF

"AN ATLET’S DREAM": Olive oil + Richtofit sports cream

40 minutes: 11.900,- HUF

60 minutes: 13.900,- HUF

Relaxing massage BEAUTY

Slow, smooth, smooth movements are the main roles that dissolve stress. During treatment, we use relaxing massage oil, which, absorbed through the skin, complete the perfect the soothing effect of the massage. It is suitable for reducing stiffness of joints and tissues, increasing muscle elasticity, improving blood circulation and eliminating stress.

RELAX MASSAGE  : 60 minutes: 13.900,- HUF

Optional oils, butter, creams: olive oil, grape seeds oil, coconut oil, lavender, cocoa butter


CLEOPATRA’s TREASURE" Coconut oil, cream, honey, yoghurt

Time: 60 minutes, Price: 14.900,- HUF

Honey is beneficial because it helps to regulate the low energy of the body and restores a healthy balance. The vitamin and mineral content of cream and honey deeply penetrates the skin, turning it into a glossy and velvety skin.

"BLACK PARADISE" Grape seed oil, green coffee table milk, boiled coffee

Time: 60 minutes, Price: 14.900,- HUF

"SPIRIT OF CRIS RVIERSIDE" Tokaji Aszú Massage Oil, Tokaji Aszú (Tokaj Sweet Wine)

The treatment is based on the relaxing massage technique that applies to the whole body or just on the back, depending on the treatment time. Depending on the active massage recipe, the massage effect on Tokaji Aszús massage oil is nourished, rejuvenated and soothing that rejuvenates the whole body.

Time: 60 minutes, Price: 14.900,- HUF

"MIXING RELAXATION" massage with Pandi sour cherry oil, sour cherry oil

Time: 60 minutes, Price: 14.900,- HUF

"HONEY ATTRACTION" grape seed oil, honey

Time: 60 minutes, Price: 14.900,- HUF

"HINDY MAGIC" grape seed oil, green tea, honey lemon, lime, oranges

Time: 60 minutes, Price: 14.900,- HUF

Green tea is the embodiment of prosperity, harmony and tranquillity in the Far East. In the field of cosmetics, it also has a number of special qualities, antioxidant and restores the initial condition of the injured areas. Therefore, it is considered the most important anti-aging agent.

EXFOLIATING MASSAGE WITH ALGAE, corn oil, algae exfoliating mixture and sea salt

Time: 60 minutes, Price: 14.900,- HUF

EXCELLENT COFFEE MASSAGE: Grape oil, green coffee oil, green coffee, poppy seeds oil

Time: 60 minutes, Price: 14.900,- HUF


Special treatment that covers areas of cellulite. It helps model body parts, detox and lymph circulation. Optional cavitation ultrasound to enhance efficacy. The destruction of ultrasonic fats - also known as cavitation - is one of the most effective, the latest non-invasive surgical interventions in aesthetic medicine.

Ultrasound fat distribution is used by esthetical and cosmetic surgeons to treat stubborn cellulite and fat: the process involves degreasing fatty tissues using a physical phenomenon known as cavitation.

MASSAGE cellulite: 60 minutes using plant oil : 14.900,- HUF



Special essential oils, lava and smooth stones warmed up, gentle gestures, Orient oriental Orient oriental traditions. The stones retain their temperature for a long time, making essential oils easier to enter the heated skin. The stones massage, motion-lubricating both the smoothing feet precedes, and, as a drainage channel, the hot stones are placed on the important points of body energy and take them for a short period of time. Benefits in case of back pain, poor blood circulation and stress.

LIMFATIC MASS : 60 minutes olive oil or grape oil: 13.900,- HUF

Accelerates leakage of accumulated fluids and toxins.

FEET SOLE MASSAGE: 40 minutes: 11.900,- HUF   (upon request)

MASSAGE for HEAD, FACE AND CLEAVAGE: 50 minutes: 12.900,- HUF

Massage through fine pumping movements, passing over the facial muscles, relaxing the head, neck and thus eliminating the stress caused by the strengthening of painful shoulder muscles. The delicate but firm movements slightly dissolve the tension.

MASSAGE FOR CHILDREN - 30 min with coconut oil : 10.900,- HUF

Delicate massage for children's balance.



Olive oil: - For beautiful, velvety skin

Extra virgin olive oil nourishes and regenerates the skin due to the high content of vitamins and antioxidants. Due to its rejuvenating effect, regeneration and water, olive oil not only makes the skin more silky but also because of the high content of vitamin E, collagen and antioxidant, promotes cell growth and even prevents wrinkles. Excellent hydration especially for dry skin.

Grape Oil - For elastic skin

Grape seed oil slows down the aging of the skin, helps prevent and overcome inflammation. Increased production of collagen and elastin, slowing the aging of the skin, resulting in a tight and elastic skin. Due to the content of linoleic acid, acne, dermatitis and allergic skin irritation are also excellent. Feeds, hydrates without having a fatty effect.

Coconut Oil - For soft skin

Lauric acid extra virgin coconut oil is viral, bacterial and fungicidal. Hydrates, inhibits the formation of free radicals, slows the aging of the skin. Also excellent for sensitive skin.

Lavender oil - rose oil - For fresh soft skin

Lavender has a relaxing, slightly sweet and refreshing floral odour that benefits both the body and the soul. Rose oil is one of the most valuable oils that relieve stress and depression.

Rosemary Oil - For vital velvet skin

Rosemary oil stimulates the circulation of tissues and subcutaneous tissues and has a good effect on the nervous system. Removes muscle aches and rheumatism symptoms.

Herbal oil - For tight and beautiful skin

The active ingredients of cinnamon, orange oil, bitter orange, amber, guarana, algae, rosemary accelerate the release of fats and debris stored in tissues.

They affect the surface of the skin, accelerate the destruction of local fat and toxins and reduce cellulite.

Cocoa Butter - For smooth velvety skin.

The natural flavour of plants that nourishes the skin thanks to its rich flavonoid content. Forms a protective layer, it has a sun protection effect is also very good (6-8 factor factor) It is recommended before the beach!

Aromatic Massages - For deep moisturized soft skin.

Besides the experience of massage, the skin is nourished and spoiled by its high content of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. During the massage, they penetrate deep into the skin, which becomes a soft, silky touch.

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