Massage at Wellness Hotel Gyula

All types of massage are designed to promote and maintain the smooth functioning of the body.

Massage Benefits:

  • Blood and lymphatic circulation is on the rise
  • Cell metabolism improves
  • Detoxification is triggered
  • The skin becomes firmer and more flexible
  • Cellulite and overweight can be easily eradicated
  • It has a relaxing and refreshing effect on the tissues and muscles
  • When properly applied, the body is completely relaxed and the "wrinkles" of the soul are also guaranteed to be smoothed out.



Swedish massage technology and massage oil effectively stimulate and improve blood circulation, facilitate oxygen supply and muscle flexibility, and refresh the whole body.



Optional Oils: Olive oil, Grapeseed oil, Coconut oil, Almond oil, Cocoa butter, Shea butter


A massage with a special ointment or curative oil with faster and stronger movements that helps regenerate tired muscles.

"NATUR": Olive oil or grapeseed oil

40 minutes: 6.900, - HUF
60 minutes: 8.900, - HUF

"REFRESHING MASSAGE": Olive oil + mint balsam:

40 minutes: 6.900, - HUF
60 minutes: 8.900, - HUF

"AN ATLET’S DREAM": Olive oil + Richtofit sports cream

40 minutes: 6.900, - HUF
60 minutes: 8.900, - HUF


 Special treatment to improve or even eliminate cellulite. Helps modelling, detoxification and lymph circulation. A cavitation is an optional tool for applying this treatment but maximizing its effectiveness. Ultrasound Lipolysis - also known as cavitation - is one of the best methods and one of the latest non-invasive (non-surgical) interventions of aesthetic medicine.
Ultrasound lipolysis is applied by esteemed surgeons and cosmeticians against persistent cellulite and fat: fat tissue is successfully diminished using a physical phenomenon known as cavitation, and then liquefied in the process.

ANTI-CELLULITE MASS: 60 minutes plant oil + suction cup: 9.900, - HUF


Slow, smooth, smooth movements are the key to resolving stress-induced muscle tension. During treatment, we use a relaxing massage oil, absorbing the skin perfectly to complement the relaxing massage effect. It is suitable for reducing the stiffness of joints and tissues, improving muscular flexibility, improving blood circulation and resolving accumulated tensions.

RELAXANT MASSAGE: 60 minutes from 8,900, - HUF

Optional oils, butter: Olive oil, Grapeseed oil, Coconut oil, Lavender oil, Rose oil, Cocoa butter


"CLEOPATRA’S TREASURE" Coconut Oil, Cream, Honey, Yogurt

Time: 60 minutes, Price: 8.900, - HUF
The use of honey is beneficial because it helps to regulate the body's energy flow and to restore its healthy balance. The content of vitamins and minerals in cream and honey penetrates deep into the skin, giving it a velvety structure.

"BLACK EDEN" Grape seed oil, Green coffee ground coffee, Coffee boiled

Time: 60 minutes, Price: 8.900, - HUF

"CRIS VALEY ATMOSPHERE" Tokaji Extract (Tokaji Aszú)

The basis of treatment is a relaxing massage technique, which is applied to the whole body or to the back, depending on the treatment time. The effect of massage on the skin is to replenish it with nutrients, renewing, soothing, refreshing the whole body, depending on the effect of massage oil so special.
Time: 60 minutes, Price: 8.900, - HUF

"SCHNAPS BEAU" massage oil with Pandi sour cherry, cherry schnapps
Time: 60 minutes, Price: 8.900, - HUF

"HONEY TEMPTATION" Grape seed oil, honey
Time: 60 minutes, Price: 8.900, - HUF

"CHARM OF INDIA" grape seed oil, green tea, honey, lemon, lime, orange
Time: 60 minutes, Price: 8.900, - HUF

Green tea in the Far East is the embodiment of prosperity, harmony and tranquillity. In the field of cosmetics, it also has antioxidant effects that have excellent properties, restoring the initial condition of the affected areas. Therefore, they are among the most important anti-ageing substances.

ALGA EXHAUST MASSAGE: Grapeseed oil, seaweed skin cleanser - Sea salt
Time: 60 minutes, Price: 8.900, - HUF

EXCELLENT COFFEE MASSAGE: Grapeseed oil, green tea, green coffee, poppy
Time: 60 minutes, Price: 8.900, - HUF


60 minutes 11,900 HUF

Special essential oils, heated lava stones and smooth, gentle movements ... .. Today's version of thousands of Oriental traditions. Stones keep their temperature for a long time, so essential oils are easier to massage into the heated skin. Massage is performed with heated stones preceded by lubrication and smoothing through soft movements. They are placed on the most important body points of the body and leave for a short period of time. Massage combats mild back pain, revitalizes poor blood circulation and reduces stress.

LYMPHATIC MASSAGE: 60 minutes - Grapeseed oil: HUF 8 900
Accelerates release of liquid and accumulated toxins.

SOLE MASSAGE: 40 minutes: HUF 6 900
Foot massage with a special technique. Helps metabolism and refreshes the feet.

HEAD, FACE & DECOLTE MASSAGE: 50 minutes: HUF 7 900
It is achieved by fine pumping movements, which passes over the muscles of the shoulder, over the tensed muscles of the face, head, neck and scalp. By gentle but firm movements, tension in the muscles is easily relaxed.

MASSAGE FOR CHILDREN: 30 minutes - Coconut: HUF 5,900
Massage with gentle movements to balance children.


Olive oil - For beautiful and velvety skin

Extra virgin olive oil nourishes and smoothes your skin due to the high content of vitamins and antioxidants.

Due to its anti-ageing effect, regeneration and water retention agent in olive oil, it not only makes the skin smoother but because of the high vitamin E, collagen and antioxidant content help the cells also to attenuate and even and prevention of wrinkles. Excellent moisturizing especially for dry skin.

Grapeseed oil - For flexible, flexible skin
Grape seed oil slows down the ageing of the skin, helps prevent and overcome inflammation.
This increases the production of collagen and elastin, thus slowing the ageing of the skin, resulting in tension and elastic skin. Due to the presence of linoleic acid, acne, dermatitis and allergic skin irritation are also excellent. Feeds, hydrates, without producing a fatty effect.

Coconut oil - for soft skin
Due to lauric acid, bacteria and fungicidal activities found in extra virgin coconut oil are becoming more and more popular. Moisturizes, blocks the formation of free radicals, slowing the ageing of the skin. It is also recommended for those with sensitive skin.

Rose & Lavender oil - For fresh soft skin
The soothing, slightly sweet and refreshing lavender refreshes both the body and the soul. Rose Oil is one of the most valuable oils that relieve stress and depression.

Rosemary oil - for vital velvet skin
Rosemary oil stimulates the circulation of tissues and subcutaneous tissues and has a beneficial effect on the nervous system. Removes muscular pain, rheumatism symptoms.

Plant oil - For tight and beautiful skin
Cinnamon, orange, bitter orange, amber, guarana, algae and active ingredients like rosemary, accelerate fat deposition in tissues and facilitate excretion release.
The surface of the skin gets warmer, local liposuction and toxins are accelerated, and cellulite becomes lighter.

Cocoa Butter - For velvety skin.
Natural vegetable fruits that nourish the skin due to the high content of flavonoids. Forms a protective layer and has a sun protection effect (6-8 factors) before the beach!

Aromatic massages - For soft, velvety, hydrated skin.
In addition to the massage experience, the skin is nourished and pampered with a high content of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. During the massage, it penetrates deep into the skin, and it becomes soft and silky to the touch.

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