Castle Spa

The "Wooden Bridge" entrance is ca. 10 meter far from the hotel entrance!

One of the most beautiful lido and thermal baths of Hungary, the Gyula Castle Spa has been developed in the former 8.5-hectare park of the Almássy mansion, which at present is a nature conservation area. At placing buildings and pools it was an important standpoint that the construction would influence the trees in the mansion park the least of all, and a green surface as spacious as possible would await the visitors arriving here. The favourable distribution of pools contributes to the fact that a peaceful rest place can be found in the area of the baths even in case of 10,000 guests a day.

The Minister of Health certified the 72 ºC water of the baths as medicinal water in 1969, the baths itself as medicinal thermal baths in 1971 and the surroundings of the baths as a health resort in 1985. The water is applicable with excellent effect for locomotor disorders, local nervous complaints, inflammatory gynaecological diseases and rehabilitative treatments after accidents. The visitors seeking after recovery, rest and sports can choose from among thermal, leisure and swimming pools.

In the therapeutic section operating both summer and winter you can take the advantage of mud pack, magnetotherapic treatment, galvanic bath, effervescent bath, weight bath, tangentor treatment, curative and refreshing massage as well as therapeutic exercises and remedial swimming under the supervision of rheumatologist, physiotherapist and sports specialist.

Pools of Castle Spa

The therapeutic section of the Gyula Castle Spa was opened for the general public desiring recovery in August 1968. Still in the same year, the water of thermal well No.1 was declared medicinal water, which made it possible that the Ministry of Health could rank it among the medicinal baths providing national duties in 1971.
In 2002, within the frame of the Széchenyi Plan, our section was rebuilt totally. Since then it has been working with 27 employees in the present structure.

Pool bathing with medicinal water

The water of thermal well No.1 belongs to the group of sodium hydrogen carbonated healing waters and shows the following effects during a water cure: It enhances the regeneration ability of the body, has painkiller effect, mitigates allergic reactions, calms the nervous system and decreases sleep disorder. At appropriate temperature, it reduces inflammatory processes, and breathing it in it helps to cough respiratory phlegm up. Moreover, it reduces muscle tightness. Since it contains also a considerable amount of metasilicic acid, it decreases the symptoms of many skin diseases such as eczema, lichen and psoriasis (dartre).

25-m and 50-m swimming pools

In the competition swimming pool operating throughout the year, there are swimming competitions, water polo matches and other entertaining programmes for sport-loving visitors. In the summer season the Kormorán Diving School of Gyula gives diver training courses, and those interested may take part in a light scuba diver test diving. 

Outdoor pools

Wave pool

One of the most up-to-date wave pools in Hungary, which is unique in the Southern Great Plain, is ideal for visitors of all ages. The almost 1 m high waves afford real adventure and fun for both adults and the little ones. To the wave machine, which is in operation for 5-7 minutes every half an hour, a signalling sound calls the bathers’ attention. The shallowest part of the pool is 45 cm, and the deepest is 2.2 m. Consequently, it is a perfect lido and family pool alike.

Water slide pool

This deck level pool of 24-26 °C (0.95-1.35 m deep) is the real favourite of the families. THe guest can plop into the water of the pool from three slides, and the water depth increases gradually, thus it is suitable not only for playing and throwing the ball about but also for swimming. To one of the most popular pools of the lido in the Gyula Castle Spa – to the greatest delight of children – builting two more thrilling slides in addition to the traditional small one. The kamikaze slide and the giant slide with a run of 110 metres can be used free of charge, and they can be reached almost directly from the water. The trained staff watches over the safe start of sliding down. The parents, who want to follow with attention their children from the poolside, are free to use the relax area and the benches placed there for taking a rest and sunbathing.

Children’s water paradise

For the restful amusement of families going to a NEW open-air bath with little children. 

Castello Sauna Park

The Castello Sauna Park in the Gyula Castle Spa is a real treat for the guests being the lovers of sauna taking. From the Castle Spa's offer covering various saunas everyone can make a choice to their liking.  It is well known that this treatment has a beneficial effect on the immune system as well as improves physical condition and fitness. It supports the body also with a detoxifying effect, thus it is worth using for the purpose of weight loss and body shaping. A popular motivation for the female guests that sauna taking beautifies the skin as well as refreshes, firms and makes it youthful. The various ceremonial sauna Aufguss sessions have a pleasing effect on the soul.

Aqua Palace

Having enhanced with a new family water park named AquaPalace, the Gyula Castle Spa has become the newest, well-equipped, European standard lido, spa and water park complex in the South Great Plain, which provides perfect entertainment, in all seasons, for the visitors of every generation looking for recreation. The rightly famous four-star baths, the Gyula Castle Spa pampers, relaxes, exercises and heals.


The water slides are the most attractive elements of our fabulous water realm. Our slides, such as a family slide, a “light tunnel” body slide timing the sliding rate and an “upwards inclining / dropping” in-line tube slide going upwards in a unique way in Hungary, guarantee the unforgettable entertainment of the visitors. We also take a snapshot of the slide experience.


  • Toddler and kiddie pool: 2 water cannons, pirate ship water slide, 2 animal spouts
  • Recreational swimming pool
  • Adventure pool: 12 water jet massage benches, water curtain, lazy river, 2 water jet massage cabins, 6 neck showers, pool floor jets, geysers
  • Plunge pool to the saunas
  • Whirlpool spa: 4 water jet massage benches, 8 pool floor jets Diving pool


  • Aromatherapy sauna 
  • Infrared sauna chamber 
  • Steam chamber 
  • Finnish sauna 


If the children get tired of exploring the water world, they can gain new experiences on the playgrounds designed for the little ones and young teenagers, respectively.

Pool bar

Within the AquaPalace also a swim-up bar has got room, consequently, the bathers can quench their thirst with soft drinks or cocktails. If you feel like sipping at the refreshing cocktail or cold beer while sitting in the water, in the pool bar the grown-ups and the little ones can while away with ice-cold Ice’N GO desserts, sandwiches and soft drinks. From here the parents can keep their eye on their kids having fun on the playground.

Mother-baby room

For our guests arriving with a young child we have converted a room into a nursing room within the new family water park. The separated unit has been furnished also with a microwave oven in addition to changing tables, comfortable cots, special furniture, consequently neither warming of baby food can be a problem.

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