General terms and conditions


Company Name: Hotel Gyula Kft. 
Headquarters: 5700 Gyula, Part street 5. 
Name of the accommodation: Wellness Hotel Gyula **** 
Address of the accommodation: 5700 Gyula, Part street 5., hereinafter referred to as Service Provider 
Business Registration Number: 04-09-009911 
Tax number: 22664747-2-04


2.1.   These "General Terms and Conditions" govern the use of the Service Provider's accommodation and services. 
2.2.   Special, individual terms and conditions are not part of the published Terms and Conditions but do not preclude the conclusion of special agreements with travel agents, organizers, as well as other conditions appropriate to the type of business.


3.1.   The services provided by the Service Provider are used by the Guest. 
3.2.   If the Customer orders the Services directly to the Service Provider, the Guest is the Contracting Party. The Service Provider and the Guest together, if the conditions are met, become contractual parties (hereinafter referred to as the Parties). 
3.3.   If a third party (hereinafter referred to as Intermediary) issues the order for services to the Service Provider on behalf of the Guest, the terms and conditions of the cooperation shall be governed by a contract concluded between the Service Provider and the Intermediary. In this case, the Service Provider shall not be obliged to investigate whether the third party legally represents the Guest.


4.1.   The Service Provider shall send an offer in writing to the request sent by the Guest (personal, telephone) or in writing (e-mail, online interfaces, mail). The offer is not a reservation, and the parties cannot claim against each other. 
4.2.   The Contract shall be concluded with the written confirmation of the Service Provider's written reservation sent by the Service Provider in writing and shall be deemed to be a written Contract. 
Oral booking, agreement, modification, or oral confirmation by the Service Provider or Guest shall not be considered a contract. 
4.3.   The contract for the use of the accommodation service (Confirmation) is for a specified period, rooms and number of rooms. 
4.3.1.   If the Guest leaves the room permanently before the expiry of the specified period, the Service Provider shall be entitled to the full value of the service specified in the Contract, unless otherwise agreed by the Parties. The Service Provider is entitled to resell the vacant room before the expiration date. 
4.3.2.   The Service Provider's prior consent is required to extend the use of the accommodation service by the Guest. In this case, the Service Provider may charge for the payment of the service already performed. 
4.4.   Any amendment and/or amendment to the Contract shall require the written agreement of the Parties.

4.5. Important information: We kindly inform you, that 15 metres from the wing of our hotel overlooking the courtyard, in the back garden, construction works will be carried out between 08.01.2024 and 06.30.2024 (except festive weekends: 14-17.03.2024., 29.03-01.04.2024., 17-20.05.2024), which will include the construction of an outdoor wellness oasis.The related works may cause noise disturbance in the rooms facing the courtyard on the 2nd and 3rd floor from 8 am to 6 pm. Guests staying in courtyard-facing rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors during this period will be offered a 10% extra discount on the hotel's and restaurant's own services on spot. The 10% extra discount will be deducted from the final bill on departure, and it is not valid for the accommodation price. This discount is valid from 08.01.2024 to 30.06.2024 (except festive weekends: 14-17.03.2024., 29.03-01.04.2024., 17-20.05.2024). The information concerns only Guests, who can be accommodated in the rooms on the 2-3 floors facing the courtyard, close to the construction site. If the Guest do not want to accept the courtyard room offered on the 2nd or 3rd floor, he/she has the possibility to modify the reservation subject to availability or cancel it. 


5.1.   The hotel room rates are in the hotel room folder or are displayed at the hotel reception. Price lists for other services are available at the given hotel departments (Buffet Restaurant, Wellness Oasis, Lobby Bar, Beauty Farm). 
5.2.   The Service Provider is free to change its announced prices without prior notice.

Daily Room Rates on the Rack Rate rates that can be booked for 1 night.

Daily room rates during high periods min. 2 or 3 nights can be booked. Featured periods:  2023.07.01-08.31.,2023.10.20-11.05.,2023.12.24-2024.01.07.,2024.03.14-17.,2024.03.28-04.07.,2024.05.17-20.,2024.07.01-08.31.,2024.10.21-11.03.,2024.12.23-2025.01.01.

Daily room rates include:  

accommodation with 5% VAT    VISIT GYULA CARD   use of wireless internet, room safe, use of the hotel's wellness oasis (Finnish sauna, infrared cabin , steam room, submerged pool, adventure pool, whirlpool, children's pool, use of rest beds), use of fitness room,   bathrobe,   strain off   for our returning guests .

Daily room rates do not include meals!

There is also a meal service with 5% VAT:  

  • Buffet breakfast: 5.900 HUF / person / occasion
  • three- course menu wellness lunch: 5.900 HUF /person/occasion (1 kind of soup, 3 main courses, salad bar, garnish, dessert)
  • buffet dinner fee: 8.900 HUF /person/occasion (2 kinds of soup, 6 main courses, cold appetizers, dessert variations, salad bar, garnish)

Buffet breakfast, 3- course menu wellness lunch and buffet dinner include 15% service charge.

If guests take full care, they will receive a discount on accommodation and meals. The discount offers are   "Prices, Promotions"   menu item.

5.3.   When communicating the prices, the Service Provider specifies the tax rate (VAT, IFA) of the prices valid at the time of the offer. The Service Provider shall transfer the additional charges due to the amendment of the effective Tax Act (VAT, IFA) to the Contracting Party. VAT content: Accommodation 5%, boarding 5%, other services with 27% VAT. The VAT on locally produced beverages is 5%, each additional drink contains 27% VAT. Food and beverage rates on the hotel's menu and drinks include a 15% service charge. Buffet breakfast, 3- course menu lunch and buffet dinner include 15% service charge. 
5.4.   Current discounts, promotions, other offers a   will be announced on the tab.


  • in the hotel street with a daily ticket: 2.050, - Ft / car / night
  • closed and camera-monitored courtyard parking: HUF 2.050 / car / night
  • the underground garage of the hotel with a camera: 2.300, Ft / car / night

Guests are required to make a reservation in advance when booking a room because the hotel has limited parking spaces and hotel parking passes. If the hotel is no longer able to provide parking in our own parking lot and the parking ticket is exhausted, then it is possible to park on the street of the hotel with a daily fee of HUF 2,050 /car/day.


  • Buffet breakfast:   Between 07:00 and 10:00 in the First Floor Buffet Restaurant
  • 3- course wellness lunch:   12:00 to 15:00 at the 1st floor Buffet Restaurant
  • Lunch: 1 kind of soup, 3 main courses, salad bar, garnish, dessert

The full board 3- course wellness lunch on the day of arrival and all intermediate days between 12:00 and 15:00, excluding departure day (your meal ends with a buffet breakfast on the day of departure). On the day of arrival, you can enjoy your lunch before you book your room, after check-in, so you may want to arrive earlier to have a nice meal. If you are unable to use our lunch until 15:00 on the day of arrival, the hotel cannot provide another meal instead and the hotel will not be able to compensate for the guest. In this case, we can provide dinner from 18:00.

  • Buffet Dinner:   Between 18:00 and 20:30 in the 1st floor Buffet Restaurant


  • Classic double room (21 m²): - 2 persons + 1 baby bed or 1 extra bed
  • Superior double rooms with balcony (25 m²) - maximum 2 people + 1 baby bed and 1 bed
  • Junior Suite (50 m², living room + bedroom) - 2 persons + up to 3 extra beds
  • Deluxe Suite (70-80 m², living room + 2 bedrooms) - 4 people + up to 3 extra beds

Note: Due to their size, the extra beds in the accommodation provide a comfortable rest for our adult guests.


9.1. In our wellness section, our services are not accessible for our wheelchair guests.


10.1. Our guests can ask for late check out for the day of departure depending on the capacity of the hotel. Our guests can inquire about the possibility of the late check out at the reception not earlier than one day before of departure. The cost for the late check out is 10000 HUF / person for adults and children above 12 years, 5000 HUF for children under 12 years. These prices include the 3-course lunch and the use of the wellness area of the hotel until 3 pm.


11.1. The service provider does not assume any liability for lost valuables or cash at the hotel. Guests can store their valuables in the safe or leave them at the reception in the central safe.


12.1. Administration of the found objects is done by House Keeping and Reception. If necessary, the Guest will contact the Service Provider. The Service Provider stores the items left in the hotel for 30 days after leaving.


13.1. Guests can buy a spa entrance to the Gyula Castle Bath twice a day at the hotel reception.   You can also use the wellness centre of the Castle Bath in the swimming pools and the spa area, where you can enjoy unlimited use of the pool, sauna pool, hydromassage, neck shower, bench massage, rolling corridor, sauna.  

13.2. The entrance to the Castle Bath or Aqua Palace is an intermediary service, the guest accepts the policy of Gyulai Várfürdő Kft.

13.3. We reserve the right to change prices Castle Bath Kft.


14.1.   The Service Provider publishes and publishes the current family or other discounts on the website indicated in point 5.4.


15.1.   The individual guest can book the hotel room from 15:00 on the day of arrival (Check-in) and check- out until 11:00 am on the day of the trip. Otherwise, the Parties may agree separately, which shall be included in the confirmation. 
15.2.   The guest is obliged to check the availability, integrity, functionality of the equipment and utensils included in the accessory list when occupying the room and, if they experience anomaly or deficiency, immediately notify the receptionist.


The present payment terms apply only to individual bookings (up to 4 rooms combined). Minimum bookings of 5 rooms are considered as group bookings, subject to individual reservation conditions.

The Hotel Wellness Hotel Gyula **** Superior is available until the booking of each individual guest.

The Wellness Hotel Gyula **** Superior hotel will request a 100% deposit for travel agents.

The deadline for payment of the deposit is set out in the confirmation as follows:

Settling advance payment:

- the 50% advance payment is to be settled to the Hotel Gyula Kft. until 20 calendar days before the arrival.

Attention!!! If the booking date is within 20 calendar days of the date of arrival, the reservation must be paid to Hotel Gyula by transfer or bank card on the day of booking.  Afterwards there is no posibility to change the date of the booking, the reservation paid by the guest becomes the property of the hotel and the hotel does not provide a service in return for the paid deposit.

Advance payment in high-season: 

- the 50% advance payment is to be settled to the Hotel Gyula Kft. until 30 calendar days before the arrival.

Attention!!! If the booking date is within 30 calendar days of the date of arrival, the reservation must be paid to Hotel Gyula by transfer or bank card on the day of booking.  Afterwards there is no posibility to change the date of the booking, the reservation paid by the guest becomes the property of the hotel and the hotel does not provide a service in return for the paid deposit.

Advance payment is only accepted in cash in HUF, via wire transfer or by postal order, furthermore by SZÉP card (by sending the voucher in e-mail because of the 5 working day lead time). 

We can accept the reservation only in cash, by bank transfer or by posting on a pink postal check, and by using the SZÉP card (sending the document by e-mail due to the 5 business days lead time).

The deposit must be paid by bank transfer to the following bank account number:

Hotel Gyula Kft. 
5700 Gyula, Part u. 5th

OTP Bank PLC. - H-1051 Budapest, Nádor u. 16.

HUF bank account details:

Bank account number: 11733027-20054324

International bank account number/ IBAN: HU23 1173 3027 2005 4324 0000 0000



EUR bank account details:

Bank account number: 11763330-36051887

International bank account number/ IBAN: HU68 1176 3330 3605 1887 0000 0000


We will send you a confirmation of your reservation by e-mail.   The reservation becomes valid/final only upon receipt of the requested reservation deadline.  
In the notification box, please indicate the name of the person booking the reservation number and telephone contact details. 
The remaining amount of the deposit is payable on arrival at the site!

Guests are required to pre-order their business invoice upon booking. After the invoice has been issued, we are unable to modify your billing information.


17.1. Cancellation and Modification Terms:

These terms of booking, change and cancellation apply exclusively for bookings by individuals (for the joint booking of a maximum of 4 rooms). Booking at least 5 rooms at the same time is regarded as group booking, for which special change and cancellation terms apply.

For the cancellation of bookings confirmed by advance payment, the following rules apply: 

Individual guests who submit in writing their cancellation at least 7 days prior to the arrival date indicated on the confirmation, can use the payed deposit within 5 month for a similar value reservation according to our availability or can receive a refund of the deposited amount.
In case of refunding,  2% from the deposited brutto amount will be deducted as pay back fee and the payer will receive 2% less.

If the guest sends his/her request for changes within a period of less than 7 days prior to the arrival date indicated on the confirmation, or the guest does not arrive at the hotel due to any reasons, the guest will lose the advance payment already settled, it will not be returned.

17.2Cancellation / Modification Criteria for Priority Periods: 

These terms of change and cancellation apply exclusively for bookings by individuals (for the joint booking of a maximum of 4 rooms). Booking at least 5 rooms at the same time is regarded as group booking, for which special change and cancellation terms apply.

We remind our guests that in the high season and on special holidays changes or cancellations are only accepted in e-mail until the 10. day prior to the arrival date at the latest.

For the cancellation of bookings confirmed by advance payment, the following rules apply:

The advance payment can NOT be returned.

If the guest cancels or changes the booking via e-mail 10 days before the day of arrival at the latest, the full sum of the advance payment settled can be used for another booking with at least the same booking value within 6 months after the cancellation.

If the guest sends his/her request for changes within a period of less than 10 days prior to the arrival date indicated on the confirmation, or the guest does not arrive at the hotel due to any reasons, the guest will lose the advance payment already settled, it will not be returned.


18.1. The Service Provider does not accept pets.

18.2. The Service Provider for disabled persons, ability dog training qualified dogs listed in the National Training Register, with a fee of HUF 6,000 / assist dog/night (which includes the extra cleaning fee).


19.1.   The Service Provider is entitled to terminate the accommodation service contract with immediate effect, thus refusing to provide the services if: 
  the)   Guest does not use the room made available and the facility 
  b)   the guest behaves defensively, roughly, under the influence of the security, order, staff or guests of the accommodation, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, showing threatening behaviour, confusion 
  c)   the guest is suffering from an infectious disease d)   the Contracting Party does not fulfil its obligation to pay the deposit or part account specified in the Contract by the specified date 
19.2.   If the Contract between the Parties is not fulfilled for reasons of force majeure, the Contract shall be terminated.


20.1.   If the Service Provider's hotel is unable to provide the services specified in the Contract due to its own fault (e.g. overcharging, temporary operation problems, etc.), the Service Provider shall provide for the accommodation of the Guest immediately. 
20.2.   The Service Provider is obliged; 
  the)   to provide/offer the services specified in the Contract, at the price confirmed for the contract, for the period specified therein or until the obstacle is eliminated, in another accommodation of the same or higher category. All additional costs of providing replacement accommodation shall be borne by the Service Provider 
20.3.   If the Service Provider fully complies with these obligations, or if the Guest has accepted the substitute accommodation offered to him/her, the Contracting Party shall not be entitled to claim any subsequent damages.


21.1.   If the guest becomes ill during the period of using the accommodation service and is unable to act on his / her own behalf, the Service Provider offers medical assistance. 
21.2.   If the Guest becomes ill or dies during the period of use of the accommodation service, the Service Provider will not claim any compensation from the patient / deceased relative, heir or the account payer. The Guest or the Guest's relative must reimburse the value of the services used until then.


22.1.   By virtue of the Contract, the Guest is entitled to use the ordered room and related services in accordance with the policy. The guest is also entitled to the proper use of the other facilities of the hotel (fitness, wellness, playhouse) in accordance with the policy set there. You also have the right to use other services when paying the prices indicated in the separate fee list. 
22.2.   The Guest may lodge a complaint regarding the performance of the services provided by the Service Provider during the stay. The guest is entitled to register in the Guestbook or request the Service Provider to record the report. The Service Provider undertakes to investigate the complaint.


23.1.   The Contractor shall fully pay for the services ordered in the Contract and for the services used (restaurant consumption, minibar, wellness, etc.) at the time of using the service or at the latest on departure from the hotel (check out) unless the parties otherwise agree. agreed. 
23.2.   The Guest ensures that children under the age of 14 under his / her responsibility are present only under the supervision of an adult in the Service Provider's hotel, wellness oasis, games room, fitness room. 
23.3.   The guest cannot bring their own food to the hotel's catering units, except baby food and Géza Farkas, our catering manager in case of a special diet. 
23.4.   The Guest may not enter the hotel a flammable device and may not smoke in the indoor rooms, on the balcony or in unmarked locations. 
23.5.   The guest - if using the services of the wellness, fitness, playhouse - must comply with the rules of the facility. The policy was posted in each department. 
23.6.   When using the services of the hotel, the guest must fill in a so-called hotel notification form, which is a condition of using the service. 
By signing the notification form, the guest agrees that the information provided in the notification form must be handled in order to fulfil his obligations under the legislation on the nature of the service in question (foreign law and legislation relating to tourism tax) and to prove the fulfilment of the obligations until the obligations imposed by the relevant legislation are fulfilled. You can check the information to be provided is as follows: name, address, nationality, place and date of birth, date of arrival and departure, identity card number, the purpose of stay. 
By signing the notification form, the guest also agrees that the personal data provided by completing the notification form will be handled or archived by the service provider within the limitation period for the purpose of concluding, completing, fulfilling or possibly claiming the contract in accordance with the GDPR. 
If the guest gives his consent to the use of his / her data for marketing purposes at the same time as completing the notification form, the Wellness Hotel Gyula **** superior is entitled to inform the guest about the current news, events, etc. in the form of an e-mail or letter. 
The hotel is entitled to use this data for as long as the data subject does not withdraw his / her consent for marketing use in writing.


The Guest shall be liable for any damages and disadvantages suffered by the Service Provider or a third party as a result of the fault of the Guest or his / her assistant or other persons under his / her responsibility. This liability also exists if the injured party has the right to claim compensation directly from the Service Provider.


The Service Provider is obliged; 
  a)   the accommodation and other services ordered based on the contract shall be performed in accordance with the valid regulations and service standards 
  b)   investigate the guest's written complaint and take the necessary steps to fix the problem, which must be recorded in writing


26.1.   The Service Provider's liability does not cover damage events that have occurred due to an unavoidable cause outside the Service Provider's employees and guests or caused by the guest itself. 
26.2.   The Service Provider may designate places in the hotel where the Guest cannot enter. The Service Provider shall not be liable for any damage or injury that may have occurred in such locations. 
26.3.   Damage to the Hotel must be reported immediately to the Hotel and all necessary data must be made available to the hotel, which is necessary for clarification of the circumstances of the incident or for the recording of the police report/police procedure. 
26.4.   The Service Provider provides the hotel with a safe in the hotel room, the use of which is provided by the safe. The Safe Room is handled exclusively by the Guest, so the Service Provider is not responsible for the valuables stored there.


The cause or circumstance (for example war, fire, flood, weather, power shortage, strike) over which the Service Provider has no control (vis major) shall be exempted from fulfilling any of its obligations under the Contract until such cause or circumstance there. The Parties agree that they shall use their best endeavours to minimize the possibility of occurrence of such causes and circumstances and to remedy the resulting damage or delay as soon as possible.


The provisions of the Hungarian Civil Code shall govern the legal relationship between the Service Provider and the Contracting Party. The Court of Justice of the Békés County District Court is competent to settle any legal dispute arising from the service contract, depending on the location of the service.





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