Castle Spa

The "Wooden Bridge" entrance is ca. 10 meter far from the hotel entrance!

One of the most beautiful lido and thermal baths of Hungary, the Gyula Castle Spa has been developed in the former 8.5-hectare park of the Almássy mansion, which at present is a nature conservation area. At placing buildings and pools it was an important standpoint that the construction would influence the trees in the mansion park the least of all, and a green surface as spacious as possible would await the visitors arriving here. The favourable distribution of pools contributes to the fact that a peaceful rest place can be found in the area of the baths even in case of 10,000 guests a day.

The Minister of Health certified the 72 ºC water of the baths as medicinal water in 1969, the baths itself as medicinal thermal baths in 1971 and the surroundings of the baths as a health resort in 1985. The water is applicable with excellent effect for locomotor disorders, local nervous complaints, inflammatory gynaecological diseases and rehabilitative treatments after accidents. The visitors seeking after recovery, rest and sports can choose from among thermal, leisure and swimming pools.

In the therapeutic section operating both summer and winter you can take the advantage of mud pack, magnetotherapic treatment, galvanic bath, effervescent bath, weight bath, tangentor treatment, curative and refreshing massage as well as therapeutic exercises and remedial swimming under the supervision of rheumatologist, physiotherapist and sports specialist.

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