Gyakornoki program
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Gyakornoki program

Marked attentions - Our philosophy

„The natural experience…”

Családi Wellness Hotel Gyula - FilozófiánkAs the first four-star superior wellness hotel of Gyula, we are eager to pay our guests marked attentions from the outset.

Our staff takes their profession to give you a time full of real resting and relaxation. Not the hectic mood of workdays shall surround you, but comfortable elegance, inspiring atmosphere, patient professionalism and natural informality.

The aim of the wellness concecpt of the Wellness Hotel Gyula****Superior is to serve for maintaining internal radiation and nourish external beauty. It aims to balance the energies of the three active forces - so called doshas - regulating our bodily vital processes so that our body can always regain its basic state of equilibrium, which can be influenced through our activities of conduct, nutrition and conscious deeds.

Our mission is to serve you with lifelong memorable experiences.

Interactive panorama

The following interactive panorama you can enter our hotel. Look around!

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