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Gyakornoki program

Excursions in the neighbourhood of Gyula

Farmstead Museum (11 km):tanyamuzeum

The museum showing the life of ploughmen and their culture of production from the first part of the 20th century is located about 11 km far from Gyula in the direction of Kétegyháza. In 1979, it was taken under protection. Various equestrian programmes are available for tourist visiting here.

Szabadkígyós (15 km):szabadkigyos

The Wenckheim Mansion representing the Eclectic style is the most important place of interest, which was built in 1875-79 according to Miklós Ybl’s plans. Many extraordinary tree-species are in full bloom in the English and French parks of the 25-hectare nature conservation area enclosing the mansion. The plain (puszta) and forestland abounding in natural values surrounding the village is rich in bird and floral rarities.

Mezőhegyes (60 km):mezohegyes-menesbirtok

Emperor Joseph II founded the stud farm of Mezőhegyes in 1784. Its almost 60 buildings are now protected, agro-historical memorials. Here is the oldest roofed riding-hall of the country, next to it stables, corrals and horse-courses. On the stud farm are ging on cattle breeding, cropping, seed plant operation.

Városerdő (7 km):varoserdo

It is a holiday resort and riverside beach along the left bank of Fekete (Black) Körös River, 7 km far from Gyula towards Sarkad. Near the free beach are able to swimming, fishing, kayaking, canoening and pedalo hire. The open-air-school is very popular for kids.

Doboz-Szanazug (15 km):doboz_szanazug

Szanazug lies four kilometres far from the centre of Doboz Village – at the junction of Fehér (White) and Fekete (Black) Körös Rivers – on the riverside of Kettős (Double) Körös. Here 300 holiday houses, a youth camp and campsite sleeping more than 250 and a riverside beach stand at the holidaymakers’ service.

Póstelek (18 km)posteleki_kastely

Póstelek Park Forest provides many possibilities for recreation. In the drive-in cinema, there are regular movie screenings in summer, while in winter an ice-rink awaits the skaters. The area of the Park Forest lends itself for half-day walking tours paying the ruins of the one-time Wenckheim Mansion a visit. The petting zoo is a real experience for the little ones. Within the area of the Park Forest, in the restored Mókus Csárda (literally “Squirrel Inn”) the visitors can taste the local foods and dishes.