Medicinal water components

Chemical composition of the thermal water in the Castle Spa:
Name Value
Potassium, Sodium K+, Na+ 683,0 mg/l
Ammonium NH4+ 5,2 mg/l
Calcium Ca2+ 10,7 mg/l
Magnesium Mg2+ 1,3 mg/l
Iron Fe2+ 0,1 mg/l
CATIONS   700,3 mg/l
Hydrocarbonate HCO3 1708,8 mg/l
Nitrate NO3 -
Chloride Cl- 88,0 mg/l
Bromide Br- 0,1 mg/l
Fluoride F- 1,0 mg/l
Iodide I- 0,4 mg/l
Sulphate SO42- 12,8 mg/l
Phosphate PO43- 1,0 mg/l
ANIONS   1811,3 mg/l
pH   7,95
Free carbonic acid CO2 35,0 mg/l
Meta tartaric acid HBO2 15,0 mg/l
Meta silicic acid H2SiO3 70,0 mg/l

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