Körös Garden Snack Bar- Gyula

*Cloudless entertainment with lightly snacks*

The „Körös Garden” snack bar located on the ground floor provides a peaceful atmosphere with its garden and bar. The snack bar of the hotel has seating capacity of 30 people, for our hotel guests and other individuals.

You can really relax: it is able to play tabble football, billiard, darts.

foto_203Our snack bar offers excellent large assortment of snack meals.

Traditional Hungarian wines are worthy companions of the culinary pleasures you will experience in our restaurant. A specialist helps our guests to make their life healthier.

Our creative chef Géza Farkas and his team make efforts to gift our dear Guests with culinary quality every day, concentrating on modern trends following dish specialties.

Körös Garden Snack Bar - Interactive panorama

In the following interactive panorama you can enter our hotel and then visit the Körös Garden Snack Bar.

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